California State Senator Ted Lieu, one of the country's most active state legislators in the area of Food Safety, has asked USDA/FSIS to regulate the use of transglutaminase (referred to in the popular media as "meat glue").

In his letter to FSIS Administrator Alfred Almanza, Senator Lieu articulates four reasons for regulatory action: (1) the possible transfer of pathogens from external surfaces to the interior of "formed" products where they may not be destroyed by cooking; (2) the difficulty of maintaining traceability of formed products; (3) the possible allergenicity of transglutaminase; and (4) the public's right to know with regard to processing techniques and food additives.

As we have previously predicted in our Essay Section (see Pink Slime, Green Slime, and Sushi Slime postings), the major impact of the "Pink Slime" controversy will be increased scrutiny of food processing technology by the mainstream media.

These stories have been a great success for the commercial media and there will be more to follow as reporters "dig" for new attention-catching and sensational headlines.

We post a copy of Senator Lieu's letter below.