As part of a UK Government strategy to reduce Greenhouse Gasses, Hilary Benn, the UK’s Environment Secretary has introduced the new “Carbon Footprint” labeling strategy and several mayor food marketers and processors, including Tesco and PepsiCo have adopted the voluntary program.  

Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) have been prepared by British Standards Institution (BSI) to specify requirements for assessing the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of goods and services. The development of this PAS was co-sponsored by the Carbon Trust and the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Information about the UK Government’s Carbon Trust Footprinting Company is available at:

More information about UK Food Labeling can be found at the UK Food Standards Agency website:

We note that the American English spelling “labeling” and the UK spelling “labelling”.

Two important technical documents on measurement of GHGs in consumer products are attached.