June 2, 2017  -  In his June 1 announcement of the Administration's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, President Trump cited two studies. The popular press - notably the New York Times - has devoted some attention to the validity and interpretation of this data.

However, our readers are credentialed scientists who do not form their opinions based upon secondary sources. Therefore, our readers should download these two documents and make a personal assessment of:

ONE The scientific validy of the industry financed American Council for Capital Formation study published in 2017.

TWO Whether or not the Administration has correctly characterized the findings of the MIT Energy and Climate Outlook study published in 2016.

A person trained in science and in the interpretation of statistical data should come to her or his decision based upon the Administration Announcement and on a sophisticated interpretation of these documents.

As scientists, we have all heard the famous maxim:

If you torture the data - it will confess.