October 12, 2016  - We apologize to our readers for the reduced rate of postings during the Fall Semester. Now that I am back in Graduate School again (for my MS Packaging) and also busy with American Bar Association work, keeping up on postings to this Blog has ben difficult. However, following up on my 2016 article on "Sanitary Transportation of Food" ("Food, Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals", Spring 2016), I have written an article titled "Supply-Chain Structures: Supply-Chain Guarantees and Indemnification under FSMA". This "in press" article is expected to be published in December and will be posted on this Blog when released.

Food Regulation, to be both effective and flexible, must address the complex interrelationships between Manufacturers, Exporters, Brokers, Agents, Importers, and End-Users of Food, Food Ingredients, and Food Packaging Materials. To this end, our article will offer concrete advice on the complex liability issues which must be addressed by counsel in the preparation of Guarantees, Liability Waivers, and Indemnification Agreements in the complex web of global commerce in the Food Industry.