November 13, 2015  -  FDA has posted Advance Texts of three more FSMA Final Rules: (1) Third-Party Certification; (2) the Foreign Supplier Verification Program; and (3) the Produce Final Rule.

Please see texts posted below. But please, before starting any serious analysis, wait for the three Final Rules to appear in the Federal Register on November 27 since all citations must be to the final texts.

Also - please note that, as is the case with the Proposed Rule and Final Rule on Risk-Based Preventative Controls, you cannot read the Final Rules without constant reference back to the Proposed Rules.

Also the advance texts are respectively: 801 pages for Produce; 504 pages for FSVP; and 356 pages for Third-Party Certification. So think twice before reading these 1,661 pages instead of being patient and waiting for the final text on November 27.