I apologize for the temporary suspension. This semester I am teaching a new graduate (LLM) course at MSU College of Law - US Food Imports: Process, Regulation, and Food Safety. This topic is very much "my baby" enabling me to bring together 35 years of Food Import/Export professional experience as a banker, import executive, Customs and FDA attorney, and Food Scientist. The demands upon my time from this course, the first time this subject has ever been taught at an American law school, mean that I will have to suspend my Blog until December when my semester ends.

However, we will post, as soon as released by FDA, the important and long-anticipated materials on the VQIP (Voluntary Qualified Importer Program). I also have an article "in press" for the American Bar Association's "Food, Cosmetics, and Nutraceuticals News". when this publication is released in late October, I will post my article - "Preparing for the FSMA" - advice to lawyers and import executives on what they must be doing now to prepare for the sweeping changes in food regulation that are being implemented under the FSMA.